“You should become a monster. An absolute monster. Then you should learn to control it.”


En route to a competition in Borneo some time ago I stopped by in neighbouring Kuching along the way and happened upon a little gym with a large prescience.

Both the students and instructor impressed me with both skill and courtesy, something both necessary in the skilful savagery of the art we so rapidly pursue and enjoy.

Sadly my journal and photos of the time were lost to a digital disaster some time ago and all i have are the fleeting memories of a time well spent and the impression of Q23 in Kuching. Must have been some time as i don’t believe it exists as was so maybe someone can correct me.

Regardless I stumbled upon a post by the then brown belt instructor Ivan, now Black belt and much more.

I came across a recent Facebook update and thought these developments might be of interest to our readership in Kuching and anywhere in our digital domains.


ivan evotics, performance coach, bjj asia , kuching

Performance Coaching with Coach Ivan

There is something I have been doing in the shadows for years , it is now time for me to step into the light!

Do you struggle with:
Communication issues
Finding your footing as a leader
Gaining clarity about your next move
Limiting beliefs that are holding you back

If the answer is yes, then I believe I can be of help. For over a decade now, I have worked with CEOs , heads of NGOs, athletes and folks from all walks of life in helping them overcome challenges that are holding them back from fulfilling their true potential.

As a certified coach I have undergone rigorous training and developed a set of skills that I can use to help you achieve clarity on what you really want, craft a strategy to achieve it and provide accountability to ensure that you really get there.

I am not a guru or some mystical wiseman.

I am your thinking partner and your blindspot mirror.

Through simple yet powerful questions we draw out the stories that are running you currently and see if they need an upgrade.

If this sounds like something that could be of value to you, send me private message and we set up a discovery call to see if I can be of help. Looking forward to hearing for you!

ivan evotics, performance coach, bjj asia , kuching


Thankfully the gram has a record of the encounter, a mere 241 weeks ago.

Tempus fugit indeed.




The story of the subsequent competition did survive though whether it should have is another issue entirely.


Copa de Borneo 2018

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