Elena Gomez’s account of her first encounter with the gentle art can relate to many of us.

From the patched pyjamas, to homo-erotic spatz and rash guards, the uncontested or rather acceptance of exchanging bodily fluids with total strangers, inevitable addiction to ibuprofen, and no complete understanding of what you are doing at all, sums up the steep learning curve of the first 6-12 months of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

A martial art or modern form of flagellation which has no part timers.

This is a game for keeps. We play until we break, physically and mentally, literally and figuratively.

Once hooked it’s more difficult a habit to break than heroin. That’s according to Anthony Bourdain anyway,

“Friend: What’s BJJ like? Me: It’s like Fight Club but you talk about it all the time.”


The full breakdown of her journey can be found in the Guardian article below.



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