Roll Chasers is an international jiu-jitsu camp and events company. Inspired by the passion and culture of jiu-jitsu, they launched the Pacific Island Jiu-Jitsu Camp 2019 that is open to all academies and belt levels worldwide.

This jiu-jitsu camp will be led by BJJ Black Belt World Champion Gezary Matuda and BJJ Brown Belt  Roberto Jimenez. The camp  is scheduled for the 13th to 17th November 2019 on the tropical island of Siargao in the Philippines. We managed to discuss the project with Nicholas Reyes, managing partner of Roll Chasers.

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Let’s start with the origins of Roll Chasers. What is the story behind Roll Chasers?

Roll Chasers is actually a dream project that came to life. We have traveled, competed around the world and found jiu-jitsu as a great connector to everything. We got inspiration from the places, cultures and people we meet. We were also inspired by pioneer BJJ Globetrotters Christian Graugart’s passion in making the jiu-jitsu community closer without politics.

As a result, Roll Chasers was founded with the aim to keep building the jiu-jitsu community  through unique worldwide events, helping professional jiu-jitsu athletes make a living and giving back to the local communities where the events happen.

How did you choose those involved in the Camp?

Roll Chasers is all about making a positive impact in the community. Our group carefully selects world-class instructors who will spearhead the jiu-jitsu camps and events. These instructors are not only world-class athletes and coaches but also great role models on and off the mat. Winning is great but having better human values are what make the world a better place. We are always on the lookout for new talent for our events.

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What other events and projects are there for Roll Chasers?

Our focus is to bring the community closer through unique world-class experiences. Our group will be hosting jiu-jitsu camps around the world, specialized seminars with world-class athletes and jiu-jitsu invitationals to showcase jiu-jitsu talent. We are hoping to launch another camp and events in Thailand, Singapore and Canada next year.

What are your thoughts of the current scene of Jiu Jitsu in Asia?

Jiu-jitsu in Asia is definitely growing and making a big impact on the world stage. There are so many talented and strong teams doing well in major BJJ tournaments around the world. The jiu-jitsu community is expanding tremendously especially in South East Asia; Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand to name a few. We see many jiu-jitsu teams and affiliations being opened all over Asia. Exciting times for sure to be part of jiu-jitsu in Asia!

roll chasers siargo

Why did you choose Siargao to hold this event?

Siargao Island is one of the best kept secrets in Asia. Siargao has almost everything from the world famous surf spots, beautiful coconut groves to the amazing island destinations. The island is a friendly and safe place for visitors. The local community has made the island a special place to visit and enjoy but most of all known to everyone that the island is to be protected and preserved naturally. And this is what makes Siargao very unique. We are excited to have the Pacific Island Camp 2019 held in Siargao for the participants to enjoy the beauty of this amazing island.

Lastly, who would like to thank? (Sponsors, Team mates)

We thank our supporters and the whole jiu-jitsu community for inspiring us to do more and give back. We also thank our sponsors Guard Players, Bear Foot Jiu-jitsu, Ikiro,Bearfoot jiu Jitsu,Creative Jiu-Jitsu, Day By Day Jiu Jitsu, Break New GroundGuard Players and of course BJJ ASIA for featuring us. We are excited to have more projects in Asia.

Roll Chasers invites the whole jiu-jitsu community to explore beautiful destinations, meet people from around the world and do what we love; train jiu-jitsu.
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roll chasers siargo

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