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16 June 2019


Event Date:
16 June 2019


MUSE enterprise/Las Conchas


Gifu Memorial Centre Judo Hall
Address :
2675-28 Nagara Fukumitsu Ono Gifu 502-0817 Japan + Google Map

Map :

Event Info

Dates :
Event Date : Sunday, June 16, 2019
Registration Dates : Saturday, March 2, 2019 ~ Thursday, June 6, 2019

MUSE enterprise/Las Conchas

Event Info

All category:
# Kids
# Juvenille
# Adult
# Master1
# Master2
# Master3
# Master4


 Registration Dates:

Super promo registration:  March 02  – April 06
Weight Category  ¥4,000
Weight Category & Open Weight ¥6,000
Kids fees: Under 15 year old Category ¥3,000

Early registration:   April 07 – April 26
Weight Category  ¥5,000
Weight Category & Open Weight ¥7,000
Kids fees: Under 15 year old Category ¥4,000

Regular registration days:  April 27  – May 16
Weight Category  ¥6,000
Weight Category & Open Weight ¥8,000
Kids fees: Under 15 year old Category ¥5,000

Last minutes registration:  May 17  – June 06
Weight Category  ¥7,000
Weight Category & Open Weight ¥9,000

Kids fees: Under 15 year old Category ¥6,000

  1. Registration deadline: june/06/2019
  2. Athlete correction deadline: june/09/2019
  3. Refund Deadline: june/10/2019
    (we only refund those athletes with no opponents in their division)
  4. Registration checkday: june/09/2019
  5. Organizer´s correction day: june/10/2019
  6. Schedule release date: june/13/2019
  7. Brackets release date: june/13/2019


  1. Final Check Date (Important):

    June 09 is the last day to check the registration. All athletes and instructors must check the fighters list.
    Those without oponents in your division must contact us for change of division
    The brackets will be generated following the list of registered fighters and the awards will be given only for those registered and on the brackets, so the check is obligatory for everyone

Final Date for checking and correction:

* June 09 is the last day to check your registration. All athletes, coaches, and instructors are required to check the fighters list for any possible changes needed.

* If you have no opponent in your division, please contact us for a change of division or you will automatically receive a medal. No refunds will be made if you failed to contact us.

* Fighters’ list is official and it will be used to generate the brackets. Please be sure to check your details in the fighters’ list before the final deadline. Further, awards will only be given to those who are listed in the brackets so please check accordingly.

Changes to your registration:

    Email your changes to itabashi@muse-enterprise.com

    Please be sure to include the following

    > Fighters name

    > Tournament Name

    > Necessary Corrections   

    Make sure the subject on the email is Corrections

Refund Policy:

The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
Exemption: Athletes who are alone in their bracket are eligible to receive a full refund of the registration fee if they contact itabashi@muse-enterprise.com and request to withdraw their name from the competition prior to the end of the appointed event registration check day.