Aisha is a young jiujiteiro hailing from both the UK and Indonesia, living and training in the UK at Hybrid Gym, Plymouth, UK.  Whilst in Asia she spends time training out of Bali MMA. She loves to compete and travels all over the UK to fight in some of the biggest competitions held there. She wants to help promote BJJ in ASIA as well as encourage more young girls around the world to train BJJ. 

We asked Aisha Barwick 20 questions so you could get to know a little bit more about her.

BJJASIA: What are three reasons you like training BJJ?

Aisha: Keeping fit, learning  to protect myself and it’s just a cool thing to learn which also helps build confidence 😎

BJJASIA: What is the best part about competing?

Aisha: Winning but also learning from your losses and becoming better, making new friends and visiting new places.

BJJASIA: How do your teammates make practice fun?

Aisha: We play loads of fun team games as warm ups and during training.

BJJASIA: What emotions do you feel before you step onto the mats in competition?

Aisha: Sometimes I feel nervous but then once I step onto the mats I feel ok because I know my training will take over.

BJJASIA: Who do you wish was watching you perform at every competition?

Aisha: My Dad

BJJASIA: What is your favorite song to listen to prior to competing?

Aisha: Eye of the tiger 😂 because my dad loves it 

BJJASIA: What other interests do you have apart from BJJ?

Aisha: I like surfing , netball and drama. 

BJJASIA: What is you favourite place is Asia?

Aisha: Bali, Indonesia🇮🇩

BJJASIA: What’s your favourite Food?

Aisha: Nasi Gorang – Indonesian fried rice🍛

BJJASIA: How does being an athlete make you a better person?

Aisha: It gives you confidence in and out of the gym.

BJJASIA: What is the one thing you always do after a good performance?

Aisha: Smile

BJJASIA: What do you do to calm your butterflies when you compete?

Aisha: I like listening to music.

BJJASIA: If you could play and be good at another sport what would it be?

Aisha: Football. 

BJJASIA: What age were you when you started training BJJ?

Aisha: I started BJJ at 9 but I have been training mixed martial arts since I was 7.

BJJASIA: Who inspires you as a young athlete?

Aisha: Ffion Davies – I want to be as good as her one day, become a black belt and do my own seminars around the world.

BJJASIA: What one word describes you?

Aisha: Loud 😊

BJJASIA: Who is your favourite coach and why?

Aisha: Nico Romans because he always believes in me, but I have had lots of awesome coaches at Hybrid Gym.

BJJASIA: What is your favourite saying?

Aisha: I don’t have one yet 

BJJASIA: What’s your favourite colour?

Aisha: Black

BJJASIA: And finally we put this question to her…. no pressure!  What is the coolest BJJ brand? 

Aisha: ……………….BJJ ASIA 😂😂.

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